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Posts Tagged ‘remove dashboard widgets’

Are you trying to customize your WordPress Dashboard across ALL wpmu or wp3 Multi-Site blog networks?

I customize the Dashboard sitewide on all my wordpress Mu or wp3 blog network sites. There is nothing like having a new blog created and having the dashboard configured how you want without needing any tweaking or attention!

So I’ve looked for a plugin or snippet that will remove all the default wordpress dash widgets (site wide) without error and came up empty handed…

– Most of the Plugin Solutions are on a per-blog basis, which is fine if you don’t mind customizing EACH site on your network. But if your like me, you want it to look the way you want right from blog creation.

– Most of the code snippet solutions are really old and out of date. for instance the recent drafts widget is not a ‘normal’ meta box, it is a ‘side’ meta box, and quit a few scripts and plugins have gotten this wrong, meaning the recent drafts widget presists!

So I found white label CMS and got really excited. It looks like it should do exactly what I want. EXCEPT it has to be configured for each site on the multi-site network! thats a deal breaker for me…

Best Solution is the Incsub remove dashboard widgets. problem is, it doesn’t remove ALL widgets. So I have updated it to remove them all. Not only that, but its WP2.9 AND WP3 Compatible

Why would you want this? Well, say you combined this with the  ‘New Blog Defaults’ plugin , ‘Admin Menu Editor’ plugin, &  ‘Dashboard CMS’ plugin; You’d have a completely configured backend for your clients, ON deployment!

Check It Out!