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Posts Tagged ‘wp3’

So you already picked your permalink structure..

..Now you have thousands of posts and wish you hadn’t organized them by something silly like /%mood-your-in-when-publishing-this-post%/%post-id%/…
You could change your permalink structure, but what happens to all your inbound links? All the thousands of links you have referenced in various forums, support threads, and video game screen shot forums? You’d need to write a thousand 301 redirects to keep everything going smoothly… no dice.

Well, if you download and activate ‘platinum seo pack’ from the wordpress extend plugin repository, BEFORE you change your structure, it will automatically create 301 redirects for you.

Wait, let me guess, your reading this thread because you ALREADY changed your permalink structure..

..Now the sky has fallen and everyone you see at the yoghurt shop tells you about the 404 errors they get when trying to check the latest screenshot of you p3vvning (or however the cool kids spell it) that 6 year old in frogger3D..

..Good news. You’re not boned.

Just change the permalink structure back to whatever lameness it was before, install and activate platinum seo pack, and then re-engage the stimulator, I mean set your new permalinks.


I was working on a client project, when I noticed that one of their sub-directory sites was redirecting its frontpage to the dashboard!

I looked through the htaccess for quite some time before I realized that this was an easy setting on the super admin options menu. If you get stuck where you site only redirects to the dashboard. try checking that you don’t have anything in the ‘Dashboard Site’ option of ‘super-admin’->’options’.


Want to use a WordPress plugins shorttag inside your template files?

Use this nifty php snippet to call the shorttag properly!

So, I know that many of you use shorttags for plugins, simply drop the short-tag onto a post or page and voila! the plugin function is included.

Some times you just want to paste a plugins short-tag directly into your wordpress template files.. If you have tried this before you’ll notice that it simply outputs the shorttag, and nothing is included..

IF however, you want that plugin function to be called somewhere else, like in your template files themselves, then you must use a php snippet to call the shorttag.

So, Use this code to call short tags/ short codes in your themes template files:

{code type=php}<?php echo do_shortcode(“[your-shorttag]”); ?>{/code}

This will simply run the plugins shortag in your template files as if it was a real wordpress engine short code


Download The Dashboard CMS Plugin For WP2.9+, WPMU2.9+, and Wordpres 3I really like the Dashboard Content Management Plugin. Personally I have it auto activated on my wpmu2.9 sites and network activated on my wp3 installs. its big easy buttons really make the dashboard friendly for my clients.

Problem is its not wp3 compatible! ..Until now!

So I decided to update the Dashboard CMS Plugin for WP3 and legacy compatibility. So this plugin will handle WP2.9+, WPMU2.9, and WordPress 3! Enjoy!

*note: I found a wp3 version that does user privilege checks before showing each button. but this version was legacy unfriendly, so i merged the two files together using get_version().

So this version is 2.9 and 3 compatible, and it checks the users level to determine if it should display each button!