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Add GD Star Rating next to Post Title

So here is the steps I used to call the GD star rating for a post and display it where I wanted. In my case it was in the LI tags of a list of all posts in a category.
You could use this to post the rating right up next to your post title with a little modification to your template.

So, What I did was I called a new wp_query and sorted it based upon the gd star rating. Then while inside the loop I used wp_gdsr_render_article where I wanted the rating to display.
Next, I went and created a custom template for the GD article rating, and I removed all the tags and header information till I was just left with the %RATING% . Next I went back to my call to wp_gdsr_render_article, and I specified my custom template ID (in my case 46) number using the argument.
My code looked like this: wp_gdsr_render_article($template_id = 46, $read_only = false, $stars_set = “”, $stars_size = 0, $stars_set_ie6 = “”, $echo = true

hopes this helps!


  1. This worked a treat! Ty very much mate.

  2. I added something similar on an archive page:
    wp_gdsr_show_article_rating ($post_id=$postIDs, $use_default=false, $size=12, $style=”oxygen”, $echo=true)

    Now I want to make a new template and I can call that template by number?
    I have mini-stars to the right of the title (inside the H1 tag):
    It’s looking pretty good but I have been trying to attach a label but it gets flubbed. I am thinking I have to add the label ina template and call the template..

  3. Hi all, how to add gdstars to my frontpage page..
    my http://www.sepatusportnike.com only show gdstars in post not in my frontpage can you help me guys?

    1. @sepatunikeshop , you’ll need to add the wp_gdsr_render_article() function into your front page templates loop..