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Image Widget Alignment Fix

So, I found that my wordpress Image Widget plugin by Shane and Peter inc, was having an issue aligning in my sidebar. I noticed that when I added multiple instances of the widget, they wouldn’t line up vertically. this naturally bugged the shit out of me, so I took a look at what was going on. Turns out the widget was actually closing a div that it hadn’t opened. Basically this update (3.2.8) is creating validation errors and prematuraly closing my themes sidebar div. So, I opened up the plugin files and took a look. I started with the /views/widget.php file that the readme mentions as being the output for the frontend widget display. Looking in the file I couldn’t see where the close div tag was. it looks like it is part of the $after_widget string thats generated elsewhere in the code. so rather than spend forever looking for it. I decided to simple OPEN a new div, right in front of the call to the string. That way, I could open the div and the string would close it. Check the frontend. VERTICAL ALIGNMENT ACHIEVED! check validation, NO ERRORS! wicked….. Here is my code for the /views/widget.php file..

Note the

echo "<div>";

3rd to last line is what i added. You’ll see its right above the echo to the $after_widget string..

echo $before_widget;
if ( !empty( $title ) ) { echo $before_title . $title . $after_title; }
if ( !empty( $image ) ) {
	if ( $link ) {
		echo '<a class="'.$this->widget_options['classname'].'-image-link" href="'.$link.'" target="'.$linktarget.'">';
	if ( $imageurl ) {
		echo "<img src=\"{$imageurl}\" style=\"";
		if ( !empty( $width ) && is_numeric( $width ) ) {
			echo "max-width: {$width}px;";
		if ( !empty( $height ) && is_numeric( $height ) ) {
			echo "max-height: {$height}px;";
		echo "\"";
		if ( !empty( $align ) && $align != 'none' ) {
			echo " class=\"align{$align}\"";
		if ( !empty( $alt ) ) {
			echo " alt=\"{$alt}\"";
		} else {
			echo " alt=\"{$title}\"";
		echo " />";

	if ( $link ) { echo '</a>'; }
if ( !empty( $description ) ) {
	$text = apply_filters( 'widget_text', $description );
	echo '<div class="'.$this->widget_options['classname'].'-description" >';
	echo wpautop( $text );
	echo "</div>";
echo "<div>";
echo $after_widget;


  1. I tried this here: LINK but it didn’t work. I’m trying to center the giant blue “test ad.” Any other help you could offer would be amazing.

    1. it looks like the image is 960 width and is center (or filling the entire header area) already. Problem looks like your ‘image’ and the ‘blue box’ are the same thing. just one image.. the iamge is actually a ~400px image(has some stuff in it like logo etc) layer on a 960 width blue box in photoshop, then the whole thing was flattened and outputted…

      is this a photoshop question :s

      Maybe you are in the middle of a fix? (Centering the 400px image as a layer onto of a pic that fills the whole space?) or something?